Welcome to Nicaragua!

Nicaragua is a lovely and unique Central American country, with friendly people, lovely colonial cities and vast expanses of tropical jungle. It has the largest tropical freshwater lake in North America. Nicaragua has a unique geographic location, with natural waterways that have always made it attractive to adventurers and investors alike.


Solentiname Islands

Solentiname Islands

A unique set of islands located within a huge body of fresh water in a tropical country! If I was to use only one word to describe this paradise I would surely use the word magical! These absolutely lush tropical islands are home to a small population of peasants and fishermen who above all are […]…



Tola and El Gigante Beach

The beaches of Tola have a reputation of being the best in Nicaragua. They are located at the Rivas Isthmus, the narrow tongue of land that is between the Pacific coast and the vast Lake Nicaragua. Politically, it belongs to the department of Rivas whose department capital is the city of Rivas. On the south, […]…


Little Corn Island

Little Corn is blessed with an extremely healthy coral reef which is approximately 1 mile long and only ½ a mile off the coast. There is very good diving and snorkelling here.…

Things to do in El Castillo

The San Juan River is one of the best places in the world for fresh water fishing. Many different species migrate from the Caribbean Sea to Lake Nicaragua.…

Diving in Nicaragua

When you think about diving in Nicaragua, you usually relate to the Caribbean islands of Nicaragua: Corn Island and Little Corn…


Hotels in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

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Hotels in Solentiname

Solentiname Islands are still quite pristine and there are not many options to overnight. Following Continue Reading→

Things to Do in Leon

Two favourite beaches of the people in Leon are adjacent to each other, and offer access to outstanding waves for surfing.  The beaches are so close that you can come and go to Leon and enjoy the different night life options there.…