Mark Twain in Nicaragua

Perhaps the most famous of American writers, Samuel Langhorne Clemens navigated the Transit Route over 150 years ago! Better know as Mark Twain, the author was in Nicaragua for a few days and wrote about his passage through the country in his book Travels with Mr. Brown. The story of Mark Twain in Nicaragua is […]

La Casa de los Mejia Godoy

Perhaps my one favorite place in Managua was La Casa de los Mejia Godoy. This unique establishment was the best place to visit and understand the revolutionary mood of Nicaraguan people. La Casa de los Mejia Godoy was a restaurant bar that had live music on weekends. The food was good, the prices were fair, […]

Sandinista Revolution Celebration 2019

Today, July 19, 2019, Nicaragua celebrated another year as a “free” country. The fascist government of Anastasio Somoza fell in 1979 after a bloody civil war. So today marks the 40th anniversary of the revolution. The 19th of July is probably the most important historical holiday and celebration in Nicaragua. As a matter of fact, […]

William Walker and the Transit Company in Nicaragua

157 years ago, Central America was struggling to build its future. After 300 years under Spanish Rule, it had gained its independence by accident, when “New Spain” declared its freedom from Spain. New Spain (Mexico)  was a vast territory that went as far south as the border between Costa Rica and Panama. To the north, […]

Hurricane Otto Update

Hurricane Otto update for Thursday, November 24th. Tropical storm conditions expected any minute along the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

Hurricane Otto Nicaragua 2016

Hurrican Otto, a unique and rare meteorology event is about to unfold along the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica and Nicaragua. In over 150 years of records, there has never been a Hurricane to make a direct hit in this area.

Exploring the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua

Few Nicaraguans have ever been to the Caribbean Coast. Thus, have no real clue of what the reality is there. I decided to go out exploring the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua and see for myself what it is all about.

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