Sandinista Revolution Celebration 2019

Today, July 19, 2019, Nicaragua celebrated another year as a “free” country. The fascist government of Anastasio Somoza fell in 1979 after a bloody civil war. So today marks the 40th anniversary of the revolution. The 19th of July is probably the most important historical holiday and celebration in Nicaragua. As a matter of fact, I dare say that there is more excitement and political fervor that on September 15th when Nicaragua celebrates its independence!

Sandinista Revolution Celebration
Nicaraguans celebrating their Revolution

Despite the social unrest that shook Nicaragua during the last year, the reality is that most Nicaraguans profess to be Sandinistas. It is a political attitude that runs in their blood. All Nicaragua Citizens under the age of 40 are proud of the revolutionary heritage they have. Most of those that are 60 or older fought with the Sandinista Revolutionary Army to free Nicaragua from Somoza. The fact is that the Sandinista Revolution Celebration unites Nicaraguans of all ages and social status.

This year was no different, and Managua had its streets literally bursting with Nica citizens celebrating. Of course, every other important city and town in Nicaragua also had their own Sandinista Revolution Celebration. But the main event is always in Managua, the Capital city and the center of politics in the country. The people are not celebrating a political party or a specific government. They are celebrating a new way of life, where there is more opportunities for all citizens of Nicaragua. They are celebrating their victory over a foreign country that was behind Somoza till the end.

Ironically, Sandino never fought in the Revolution. He had been an active guerrilla warrior against the USA invading army and the Somoza Regime. Sandino was murdered by the Somoza Regime but always served as an inspiration to follow. Happy Sandinista Revolution Celebration to all Nicaragua!