Ometepe Hotels

Ometepe Hotels

There are many Ometepe hotels, most of them are small, family owned hotels. The two areas where you can find more hotels clustered together are of course the two main cities, Moyogalpa and Altagracia, however there is also a large concentration of Ometepe hotels at Playa Santo Domingo, an area facing east and that has one of the more popular beaches in Ometepe.

In order to make your decision easier as to which hotel would be best for you, I will sort them out according to their location, so that you can then determine which is most suitable for you depending on your needs!

Ometepe Hotels in Moyogalpa

This is where the majority of the ferries arrive, and where you will first set foot at Ometepe. If you are arriving in the late afternoon or evening, and do not yet have a room reserved, it might be a good idea to stay here for the night and arrange for the rest of your days in Ometepe here. It is a good source of island information and from where to launch your discovery of the island. This is also a good spot to start your trek up to the top of the Concepcion Volcano! Plus most of the transportation around the island is based here, because this is the main port entrance to the island, so it is easy to get around the island from here. There are many different hotels in Ometepe in Moyogalpa, following is our list of hotels in Ometepe in this city:

The Cornerhouse

Moyogalpa Hotels
The Cornerhouse at Moyogalpa

Can’t miss it! This is one of the first hotels in Ometepe you will see upon your arrival to the island! On the main street, uphill from the ferry dock and as its name states, on a corner! Four very basic rooms with private bath and fans on the second floor. No reservations, operates on a first come, first serve basis. The first floor offers a pleasant café and smoothie bar, plus a variety of vegetarian dishes. A good place to stop by get information to start your exploration of Ometepe.[themify_hr color=”light-gray” width=”1px”]

The Landing

Moyogalpa Hotels
The Landing At Moyogalpa

Located very close to the ferry dock, The Landing is a good option if you are looking for a hostel. Only a one minute walk from the dock! Nice setting, but closeness to town means that you will hear the local party going on in town! Friendly, clean and cheap, its one of the best affordable options for hotels in Ometepe! They also have some private rooms with air-conditioning. E-mail:  They also have some private rooms with air conditioning. E-mail: Telephone: (505) 2569 4113. The Landing is yet another example for friendly hotels in Ometepe.[themify_hr color=”light-gray” width=”1px”]

Hotelito Aly.

Ometepe Hotels
Hotelito Aly

A very basic hospedaje. Located a couple of blocks uphill from the ferry, just a bit past the cornerhouse on the opposite side of the road. This is one of the first hotels in Ometepe that you will find upon arrival. They also have a basic restaurant serving typical Nica food. Friendly service. Rooms with private bath and fans. E-mail: Telephone: (505) 8498 5014, 8398 9211. Staff and  owners are friendly and help organize tours around the island the Ometepe. This is a great source for local  information regarding what to do and where to go in Ometepe. Facilities are clean and comfortable,

Hospedaje Soma.

Ometepe Hotels
Hospedaje Soma

Really much more that an hospedaje, more of a bed and breakfast, with rooms and really nice bungalows, this is a lovely setting just a short walk from the ferry dock. With a lovely garden setting, close enough to town, to have access to the bars and restaurants in Moyogalpa, and at the same time, far enough away so that you have the peace and quiet of a pleasant remote location. Reservations highly recommended. They also have 2 dorm rooms on premises. E-mail: This is one of your best options for hotels in Ometepe if you are staying in Moyogalpa.[themify_hr color=”light-gray” width=”1px”]

Casa Familiar

E-mail: Telephone: (505) 2569 4240

Los Ranchitos

Ometepe Hotels
Hotel Los Ranchitos

Pleasant setting with a total of 5 rooms with a/c, in the heart of Moyogalpa. They also  have a restaurant on premises, which specializes in home made pizza. E-mail: Telephone: (505) 2569 4112.[themify_hr color=”light-gray” width=”1px”][themify_hr color=”light-gray” width=”1px”]

The American Café and Hotel.

Ometepe Hotels
The American Cafe and Hotel

5 lovely cabanas located right in the heart of Moyogalpa. Each with private bath and fans. The property also features a lovely restaurant featuring great Italian and American food. Italian, English and Spanish spoken. Located 100 meters  up hill from the ferry dock, in a white building on the right hand side of the street. A great option in you are looking for a private room at an affordable price. Easily one of the best choices for Hotels in Ometepe!    E-mail: Telephone: (505) 8645 7193; 8650 4069.[themify_hr color=”light-gray” width=”1px”]

Hotel Ometepetl

Ometepe Hotels
Hotel Ometepetl

E-mail: Telephone: (505) 2569 4276

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Hotel Teosintal

Ometepe Hotels
Hotel Escuela Teosintal

A hotel school, Teosintal is located in the heart of Moyogalpa. Friendly staff. E-mail. Telephone: (505) 8845 8167.[themify_hr color=”light-gray” width=”1px”]


Hospedaje Central

Ometepe Hotels
Hospedaje Central El Indio Viejo

French, English, German and Spanish spoken here. Check out the art on the walls and all around the place. Run by a group of international volunteers, that are always rotating, this place offers super affordable prices. It is probably the most international spot on the island, definitely so in Moyogalpa! Hostel rooms as well as some private air conditioned rooms. E-mail: Telephone: (505) 2569 4262. Probably the most international of hotels in Ometepe.[themify_hr color=”light-gray” width=”1px”]

Hotel Casa Moreno E-mail: Telephone: (505) 8357 7349


Ometepe Hotels in Altagracia

This is the largest and oldest community on the island. It is also a good spot to spend the night if you are set on climbing to the top of the majestic Concepcion Volcano, as you are fairly near the area where the trails begin. There are several hotels in Ometepe located in Altagracia.

Hotel Central

Located in the heart of Altagracia, with a nice cozy sitting area in an old house and rooms around the pleasant garden in the back. Within walking distance to the central park and old church in town. Rooms include options with private bath and air conditioning. E-mail: Telephone: (505) 2569 4420

Posada Cabrera

Ometepe Hotels
Hotel Posada Cabrera

A small Hotel with private rooms, some with a private bath.Nice garden area and pleasant family atmosphere. Centrally located. E-mail: Telephone: (505) 8664 2788.[themify_hr color=”light-gray” width=”1px”]

Hotel Kencho

Ometepe Hotels
Hotel Kencho E-mail: Telephone: (505) 8944 4087.[themify_hr color=”light-gray” width=”1px”]

Hotel Castillo

This is probably the oldest hotel in Altagracia, however it has been continuously renovated. It offers everything from dorm style rooms to basic, private rooms with air conditioning. Good central location in the town of Altagracia. E-mail: Telephone: (505) 2569 4403

Ometepe Hotels in Santo Domingo Beach

This is where you will find the largest concentration of hotels in Ometepe Island that are not in the main towns. Hotels are all lined up along the beach, and provide good access to the beach. The area is also close by to the Ojo de Agua springs, that are famous on the island, and to the access to the south side of the island, that is occupied by the extinct Maderas Volcano. From the beach you have magnificent views of both the Maderas and Concepcion Volcanoes.

Villas Paraiso

Ometepe Hotels
Hotel Villa Paraiso, one of the best hotels in Ometepe

One of the best all around hotels in Ometepe. Nice setting with bungalow style rooms. Nice hammocks in porch in front of rooms and a really nice view and access to the lake beach. Great views. Good food and full international bar. A good selection with a variety of options including basic rooms with fans and others with air conditioning. Lake view bungalows are a bit more expensive. Friendly service. E-mail: Telephone: (505) 2569 4859.[themify_hr color=”light-gray” width=”1px”]

Hospedaje Buena Vista

Ometepe Hotels
Facilities at Hospedaje Buenavista

Probably the most affordable spot to stay in Santo Domingo. Nice spacious restaurant area with direct access to the lake beach. Rooms are quite basic, some are dorm style, others private.[themify_hr color=”light-gray” width=”1px”]

Villa Aller

Ometepe Hotels
Hotel Villa Aller is in Santo Domingo Beach

Pleasant lakefront setting, with tropical gardens, nice cabanas with a private porch, each with a hammock. All rooms have a private bathroom and air conditioning. Direct access to Santo Domingo E-mail: Telephone: (505) 2569 4866.[themify_hr color=”light-gray” width=”1px”]

Hotel Costa Azul E-mail: Telephone: (505) 2569 4867.

Hotel Casa Istiam

Ometepe Hotels
Hotel Casa Istian, near the Istian Isthmus

Basic rooms with a private bath in a unique location, across the road from the beach and really close to the Istiam wetlands and river. This is the narrowest location on the island. Rooms are always cool because of the winds sweeping across Lake  E-mail: Telephone: (505) 2569 4879. [themify_hr color=”light-gray” width=”1px”]

Finca San Juan de La Isla

Ometepe Hotels
Hotel Finca San Juan de la Isla

A unique hotel in a lovely secluded area. Right on the beach, between Altagracia and Playa Santo Domingo. Without doubt one of the better hotels in  Ometepe. Charming, rustic atmosphere with all the perks, air conditioning, hot water and lots of space to relax in a hammock or a traditional Nica rocking chair. One of those places with a “sense of place” to it. Children friendly. Good food at the restaurant. E-mail: Telephone: (505) 8886 0734.[themify_hr color=”light-gray” width=”1px”]

Hotel Finca Santo Domingo

Ometepe Hotels
Hotel Finca Santa Domingo

Probably the oldest of all hotels in Ometepe, this hotel is in a working farm or finca, that has been  in the same family for over 100 years! A total of 17 rooms, some with a/c some without, are available for guests. All with private bath. Telephone: (505) 2569 4862.[themify_hr color=”light-gray” width=”1px”]

Xalli Bed and Breakfast

Ometepe Hotels
Xalli Bed and Breakfast

Just opened its doors in March, 2013! Xalli is located on the beach, adjacent to the Istiam isthmus, the narrowest section of the island. Upscale and definitely first class. Only 5 unique, boutique style rooms. E-mail: Telephone: (505) 2569 4876. Certainly one of the most exclusive hotels in Ometepe.[themify_hr color=”light-gray” width=”1px”]


Ometepe Hotels around the Maderas Volcano side of the Island


 Totoco Eco Lodge

Ometepe hotels
Totoco Lodge pool

One of the nicest, most upscale lodging options in Ometepe! 8 different cabanas, a unique infinity pool, a perfect lookout vantage point for the best views of Lake Nicaragua and the majestic Concepcion Volcano. First class service and outstanding food… what else can I say? E-mail: Telephone: (505) 8358 7718. If you are looking for the best of hotels in Ometepe, look no more, this is it![themify_hr color=”light-gray” width=”1px”]


Finca Magdalena

Ometepe Hotels
Finca Magdalena Hotel

A cooperative farm that is owned by 20 plus families, they offer the opportunity so see  a working organic coffee farm that is unique in Ometepe. A variety of different rooms are available, including dorm and private rooms. Direct and relatively close access to the Maderas volcano as well as to the  crater lake on top of the volcano. E-mail: Telelphone: (505) 8498 1683.[themify_hr color=”light-gray” width=”1px”]

Asi es mi Tierra

Ometepe Hotels
Asi es mi Tierra Hotel

Basic rooms in the heart of the community of Balgue.   Telephone: (505) 8712 2486. [themify_hr color=”light-gray” width=”1px”]



Santa Cruz

Most of the hotels in Ometepe located in the Santa Cruz area are really farms that offer the opportunity to see and even participate in the daily operation of a natural tropical farm. If your interest is in small sustainable tropical farms, you  should seriously consider staying in the part of Ometepe.

Hostal Santa Cruz

Located right on the intersection of the road that goes around the Maderas volcano side of the island. Basic, pleasant rooms, each with a private bath and fan. Great views of the Concepcion volcano and close to the Santo Domingo Beach. Easy hike to beginning of trail for the hike up to Maderas Volcano. Affordable dorm rooms. Also a couple of rooms with shared or private baths. E-mail: Telephone: (505) 8884 9894.

Finca El Porvenir

Owned by the same family that owns the Hotel Central in Altagracia. Fantastic location, with outstanding views of the lake and Concepcion Volcano. Also a nice petroglyph trail and direct access to the Maderas Volcano trail. Basic private rooms with private bath and fans.  E-mail: Telephone: (505) 2569 4420

Finca del Sol

Ometepe Hotels
Finca del Sol, Ometepe

A lovely nature lodge bed and breakfast with some of the most fantastic views in the World! Built specifically to fit into the local environment, and within a lovely property with third generation growth forests, Finca del Sol is ideal if you are looking for a place with comfort, in which to relax in. Close to the trail up the Maderas Volcano, and within walking distance to a variety of restaurants and bars in the Santa Cruz area. Designed for a maximum of 10 guests. One of the truly unique spots and hotels in Ometepe. E-mail: Telephone: (505) 8364 6394.[themify_hr color=”light-gray” width=”1px”]

Little Morgan’s

Ometepe Hotels
Travelers enjoying themselves at Little Morgans

Little Morgan’s is a lovely party hostel located right on Lake Nicaragua. An ideal location, access to the beach and easy access to the forest! Pleasant natural environment, with plenty of hammocks to relax in. Nice basic rooms. Telephone (505) 8949 7074.[themify_hr color=”light-gray” width=”1px”]


El Zopilote

An Italian owned farm and hostel, with a serious attitude towards natural organic farm produce and anti machine environment. Accommodations are basic, with shared bathrooms and a selection of private or dorm room cabins. E-mail: Telephone: (505) 8369 0644

Via Verde Farm

Ometepe Hotels
La Via Verde Bed and Breakfast

A cozy more upscale bed and breakfast with only 2 rooms. Nice private balcony in each room with views and great birdwatching. Rooms have ceiling fan. Bathrooms are separate (not attached) to rooms and are shared. E-mail: Telephone: (505) 8436 8667.[themify_hr color=”light-gray” width=”1px”]


Hostal Espirales

Run by a local NGO, Hostal Espirales looks to reinvest revenue from tourism in the communities of Ometepe, while at the same time promoting training and education to the local members of the community. Rooms are basic, but clean! ,  E-Mail: Telephone: (505) 2569 4118

El Encanto

Ometepe Hotels
Relaxing at El Encanto

Comfortable rooms with a private bath and ceiling fan. Check out their truly unique botanical garden a treat not to be missed in Ometepe! E-mail: Telephone: (504) 8925 7109. [themify_hr color=”light-gray” width=”1px”]


La Brisa

Ometepe Hotels
La Brisa de Ometepe

A natural farm with a very particular ecological attitude. Very basic accommodations, and an environment made possible due to the time and effort of volunteers who really like living in Ometepe. E-mail: Telephone: (505) 8121 2929. [themify_hr color=”light-gray” width=”1px”]




Finca Montaña Sagrada Haris Horses

Ometepe Hotels
Finca Montaña Sagrada E-mail:  Telephone: (505) 8383 8499, 8384 9578.

Finca Mystica E-mail: Telephone: (505) 8751 9653.[themify_hr color=”light-gray” width=”1px”]

Hacienda Merida

Ometepe Hotels
Hotel Hacienda Merida

An old hacienda located right on the lake front in the outskirts of the town of Merida in Ometepe. Comfortable rooms with private bath and fans. A large selection of activities is available, The site has a lot of history and the owners are very friendly and offer a wealth of information regarding Ometepe. E-mail: Telephone: (595) 8868 8973. [themify_hr color=”light-gray” width=”1px”]

Rancho Merida

Right at the entrance to Merida, on the left hand side. An option of basic rooms or some nice cabins. Options include a/c or only fan. Walking distance to the the lake. Restaurant service available. E-mail: Telephone: (505) 8911 0822

Hotel Omaja

Ometepe Hotels
Nice cabins at El Omaja

Located on a small hilltop, within walking distance to the lake. Probably the most spacious rooms in the island. Very nice cabins with an ample porch with views of the island and the lake. Really nice restaurant and bar area. E-mail: Telephone: (505) 8885 1124.[themify_hr color=”light-gray” width=”1px”]

Caballitos de Mar

Ometepe Hotels
The beach at Caballitos del Mar

Very basic rooms right on the beach. They specialize in kayaking tours to the Istiam River and also fishing tours in the lake. Very affordable dorm and private rooms. Nice party atmosphere in the lake front restaurant. E-mail: Telephone: (505) 8841 6120

Monkeys Island

Ometepe Hotels
Monkeys Island Hostel

Very basic, not much privacy even in the private rooms. A good spot if you are looking for a party hostel, but not if you are interested in something more relaxing and a bit of privacy. E-mail: Telephone: (505) 8999 8465. [themify_hr color=”light-gray” width=”1px”]

Ometepe Hotels on the Concepcion Volcano side of the Island.

Playa Santa Martha

Ometepe Hotels
Playa Santa Martha Hostel

Within walking distance of the Puerto San Jose ferry facility, Playa  Santa Marta offers pleasant cabins with a/c or fan right on the beach. Telephone: (505) 8330 0165. [themify_hr color=”light-gray” width=”1px”]

Hotel El Ceibo

Ometepe Hotels
Hotel El Ceibo, Ometepe

8 brand new rooms with a/c, fan, private bath and hot water. Located in a tourist complex that includes a working farm a numismatic museum and a precolombian exhibit of artefacts found right in Ometepe. E-mail: Telephone: (505) 8832 5528. [themify_hr color=”light-gray” width=”1px”]

Finca Samaria

Ometepe Hotels
Hotel Finca Samaria

A working farm with its own private beach. Pleasant setting on the lake. Nice basic rooms in a clean and comfortable setting. www. E-mail: Telephone: (505) 8695 5215.[themify_hr color=”light-gray” width=”1px”]

El Tesoro del Pirata

Ometepe Hotels
Hotel El Tesoro del Pirata

A pirate themed lake front resort, offering a rooms right on the lake beach. Kayak rentals are available on premises. E-Mail: Telephone: (505) 8820 2259.

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Hotel Finca Venecia

Lake front rooms and cabins with direct access to the lake beach. Nice restaurant-bar  area and many activities to enjoy, including some great horseback riding tours. E-mail: Telephone: (505) 8887 0191

Posada Chico Largo

Ometepe Hotels
Hotel Chico Largo

One of the older hotels on the island, Chico Largo is an institution in Ometepe. They offer lake front rooms, a full service restaurant, a farm, a the only canopy tour in Ometepe and horseback riding tours.  Currently getting ready to build a new wing the more modern and deluxe rooms. E-mail: Telephone: (505) 8473 7210. [themify_hr color=”light-gray” width=”1px”]


Hotel Charco Verde

Beachfront property with a variety of cabins with private bath and air conditioning or fans. Nice grounds in an area with a traditional legend that will entice your adventure here! E-mail: Telephone: (505) 8740 6249