Somoto Hotels

Our Selection of Somoto Hotels:

There is still a limited number of Somoto hotels, however the popularity of the Somoto Canyon has begun to attract more and more tourists, and slowly there are more hotels that are being built. Many are still quite basic, but there are some that are modern and comfortable. Best of all, they are all still quite affordable!

Hotel Portal del Angel

Somoto Hotels
The Best Hotel in Somoto! A nice property with clean rooms and friendly service!

Located about three blocks from Central Park. This is probably the best of all hotels in Somoto. It is pleasant, charming and has good service, however the rooms are small and  the bathrooms really tight. I found that it can be very noisy if you there is a group in the area around the dining hall / bar. If you stay here, prefer the rooms in the first floor. E-mail: Telephone: (505) 2722 0244.

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Hotel Colonial

Somoto Hotels
The Hotel Colonial Somoto is located very close to Central Park.

A family owned and run hotel, located half a block from Central Park. Probably the nicest of al centrally located hotels in Somoto. Nice interior garden area, with a  small pool that is filled only in the hot months of “verano”, basically due to the fact that they do not have a recycling filter system. Rooms are basic and affordable. E-mail: Telephone: (505) 2722 2040. [themify_hr color=”light-gray” width=”1px”]

Hotel El Panamericano

Located right on Central Park. Not very inviting entrance and overgrown gardens. Telephone: (505) 2722 2355.

Hotel El Rosario Somoto

Somoto Hotels
Hotel El Rosario in Somoto

A property with a total of 13 rooms. This is a pleasant, cozy rooms with all of the amenities. A/C, TV, private bath, etc. Good central location in town. Telephone: (505) 2722 2083. E-mail: Facebook: [themify_hr color=”light-gray” width=”1px”]

Hacienda Somoto

Located at Km 229 of the Pan American Highway, this very rural and basic lodge offers the best of Nica Hospitality! Meet the family, who has fantastic stories of the revolutionary war, enjoy a tour of the Canyon led by one of the sons and sample simple, down to earth Nicaraguan cuisine. This is the best of all hotels in Somoto if you are looking for an authentic, Nicaraguan countryside experience! Telephone (505) 8699 8426 Facebook: