Miraflor Nature Reserve Hotels

Looking for a special place to stay in Miraflor? Here a list of the best Miraflor Nature Reserve Hotels.

The Miraflor Nature Reserve offers several different options for the traveler that wishes to overnite in the reserve, from home stays with local families in the different communities, to Miraflor Nature Reserve hotels, there are many different options that will surely fit into your budget nicely.

Home Stays in Miraflor Nature Reserve

Miraflor Nature Reserve Hotels
Home stays with community members at Miraflor Nature Reserve

There are several different communities where you can stay overnight with families. They offer room and board as well as the opportunity to share daily life and do some tours in the area. Most of the communities’ daily activity revolves around the coffee plantations that exist in the area, which produces high quality shade grown coffee. For complete information and reservations contact Tree Huggers, a non profit tourist information center located in Esteli, across the street from Café Luz y Luna. You can contact them at www.miraflorecotours.com and www.cafeluzyluna.com or E-mail them at info@cafeluzyluna.com.  Telephone: (505) 8405 8919. This is a perfect way to enjoy community tourism and a great alternative to hotels within the Miraflor Nature Reserve.

Miraflor Nature Reserve Hotels and Lodges

Estancia Los Robles de Miraflor.

Miraflor Nature Reserve Hotels
Estancia Los Robles de Miraflor, Esteli

A fairly large property featuring pools, cabins and a restaurant in a really pleasant surroundings. Although the setting is more rural than nature, it is close to trails, and the hotel offers horse back riding tours that can take you closer to nature. This is the largest of hotels within the Miraflor Nature Reserve. Telephone (505) 2713-9451, 84003811, 84897573. Email: estanciaroblesdemiraflor@yahoo.com.[themify_hr color=”light-gray” width=”1px”]

Finca Neblina del Bosque at Miraflor Nature Reserve

Miraflor Nature Reserve Hotels
Cabins at Finca Neblina del Bosque, Miraflor Reserve, Esteli

A truly unique spot located within the Mirador Reserve. Perfect for a day visit and even better for an overnight stay! Neblina del Bosque is owned by a couple who is half Nicaragua and half European, so you will find that several languages are spoken on premises. Private cabins with their own bathrooms, hot water and outstanding country style Nica food, such as Sopa de Gallina, asado de pelibuey (lamb) and a variety of salads made with home grown vegetables. They also have some dorm rooms available. In my opinion, this is the nicest of all hotels within the Miraflor Nature Reserve! For more information visit www.visitamiraflor.com, or E-mail info@visitamiraflor.com. Telephone: (505) 8701 1460, 8165 6521.[themify_hr color=”light-gray” width=”1px”]

Finca Lindos Ojos

Miraflor Nature Reserve Hotels
Private Cabins at Finca Ojos Lindos

An eco friendly farm that has opened its doors to tourists, this is a great option for hotels within the Miraflor Nature Reserve! German owned, and run with friendly Nica style hospitality, Lindos Ojos is located about 28 km from Esteli within the Miraflor Reserve. Basic, comfortable private cabins with private bath and hot water, and best of all, a hammock in the front porch. They also have a guest house with 4 rooms, sharing bathrooms. Food served includes vegetarian dishes and salads made with organically grown vegetables within the farm. Activities include horse back riding, coffee production, and some dairy farm processes. For more information, visit www.finca-lindos-ojos.com or E-mail: katrin.pfortner@gmail.com. Telephone: (505) 2713 4041.

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