Jinotega Restaurants

Looking for Good Jinotega Restaurants to Eat in?

There are many different Jinotega restaurants to choose from. Here is our list of the most outstanding options:

Street Fritangas

Jinotega Restaurants
Some of the best street food in Nicaragua are the Fritangas in Jinotega

Jinotega is famous throughout Nicaragua for its street food. “Fritangas” are not necessarily fried foods, as their generic name would make you think… Charcoal broiled beef, chicken or pork, stuffed potatoes, etc are all part of the options you will find at the street vending posts. Although not technically qualifing as Jinotega restaurants, this is the real taste of Nicaraguan food, and I encourage you to give it a try, but beware! You might just get hooked on fritangas! Most of these posts set up in the late afternoon and provide an option for dinner.[themify_hr color=”light-gray” width=”1px”]

Restaurante Bar Jino-Cub

A Cuban reggae style bar  in Jinotega that is more of a bar than a restaurant, however they do serve an outstanding “lechon” (young pork) dish that is really good! Some days they also offer a lamb dish. Open daily except Tuesday from 3:00 p.m. till midnight, later on weekends. Great if you are looking for a different atmosphere in town. This is a great option for Jinotega Restaurants!

Buffet El Tico

Jinotega Restaurants
Soda El Tico on the ground floor and Cafe la Terraza on the upper level.

The most popular of all Jinotega restaurants! Serving both, an la carte menu as well as a very complete and affordable buffet selection. This is the best spot for lunch if you are on a budget or short on time. Very good quality and pleasant setting. They also have a hostel a few blocks away from the restaurant.

La Terraza Café Lounge.

Located right above Buffet El Tico, this pleasant terrace overlooks the street. Great coffee, fine pastries and a lunch and dinner selection that offers sandwiches and a limited menu. They also offer beer and sodas. Nice comfortable laid back setting. Probably the most pleasant relaxed setting of all Jinotega restaurants. They offer free wi fi service to clients eating here!

La Taberna

Jinotega Restaurants
La Taberna Restaurante Bar.

Located right at the entrance to the city’s cementary.  La Taberna is a pleasant Bar – Restaurant featuring typical Nicaraguan style food. They have some semi private corners in the main dining room that provide with limited privacy for small groups, Interesting décor, ice cold beers and a full international bar. This is the most popular of all night time Jinotega restaurants.