Somoto Restaurants

Looking for the best Somoto Restaurants?

Although Somoto is a relatively small town, there are several good options for eating in town. Following is our selection of the best Somoto restaurants:

Restaurante Los Almendros

Located half a block from Central Park, almost across the street from the Hotel Colonial. Open Monday to Sunday for lunch and dinner. The specialty is the lomo a la plancha or with jalapeño sauce. Los Almendros is considered number one amongst Somoto restaurants.

L y J Carne Asada el Buen Gusto.

Somoto Restaurants
waiting for lunch!

Two locations, one right on the road, the other in town. Carne asada and fritangas, good affordable, tasty Nica food. Variety of options, including pork, chicken, of beef. Tajadas, tortillas, gallopinto, etc. A good alternative if you are on a budget or in a hurry. Friendly informal atmosphere. If you are looking for typical Nica food in Somoto, these are your best options for restaurants in Somoto with great Nicaraguan food.

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