Little Corn Island Hotels

There are not many Little Corn Island Hotels to Choose From!

However, you will find that there is something for every budget and taste. Hotels in Little Corn Island are either right in town, or on the opposite side of the island. Personally, I like the those on the north side of the island. You will get more of a “Robinson Crusoe” felling there! I am listing the hotels according to their location:

Downtown Little Corn Island Hotels:

Red Lobster Inn

A small island style hotel. Although not on the beach, it is right next to it. Rooms are small and basic, but each have their own bathroom. Friendly service.  With a total of 12 rooms, the Red Lobster Inn is a good affordable alternative to stay in town.

Los Delfines.

Little Corn Island Hotels
Beachfront area at Hotel Los Delfines

The best property in town, los Delfines is just a short walk from the main dock and across the pedestrian street from the beach. Facilities include air conditioning, 24 hour power and hot water. A nice bar area with a great view of the Caribbean, with Corn Island visible in the background. Rooms are built in a bungalow style, with one room on the main floor and another on top. They also offer one of the few dive shops on the island. Los Delfines offers a total of 17 rooms.[themify_hr color=”light-gray” width=”1px”]

Sunshine Hotel

Little Corn Island Hotels
nice hilltop location. The Sunshine Hotel is in downtown Little Corn Island

A nice property located right downtown. Not on the beach, but it won’t take you more that a couple of minutes to be at the main dock and access all restaurants and bars in town. Pleasant setting. They have a website:  They have a total of 13 rooms. The property has now been totally renovated and offers a/c, private bathrooms and breakfast.[themify_hr color=”light-gray” width=”1px”]

The Lighthouse Hotel

little corn island hotels
The Lighthouse hotel offers a quiet location with nice views. Close to town and the beaches

A new property located close to the baseball field, about halfway between town and the North side beaches of Little Corn Island. Offering Yoga, as well as a restaurant and a bar, you will love the views from the privileged hilltop location. . The property consists of a total of 8 rooms, some with a queen bed, some with three beds and even a couple of 4 bed dorm style rooms.

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If you are looking for truly budget accommodations, check out the local hostels: There are two different ones in town: Hospedaje 3 brothers and Hospedaje Brisas del Mar or Sea View. They are both to the left of town as you walk out of the main dock. Another new hostel is the Green Hostel, more info at

East Shore Little Corn Island Hotels

Casa Iguana

Little Corn Island Hotels
Bungalow rooms at Casa Iguana Hotel

An institution on Little Corn Island! This is a complete little resort, with nice bungalows, a great restaurant and bar and one of the few places in town with some night life. The restaurant and bar offers one of the best views of the island. Rooms are nice and set in the gardens to provide plenty of privacy. This is the most eastern resort on the North Shore of the Island. Casa Iguana has a total of 15 rooms, some with a great ocean view and others with a nice garden view.[themify_hr color=”light-gray” width=”1px”]

Beach and Bungalow

Little Corn Island Hotels
One of the nicer beach front properties on East Beach

One of the nicest and more high end properties on the island. Very pleasant setting right on the beach. This is one of the nicer beaches on the island. They also have one of the best restaurants: the Turned Turtle Restaurant and Bar. If you are looking for a more exclusive property on the north beach of Little Corn this is a great option!

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Carlito’s Place

Little Corn Island Hotels
Beach front at Carlito’s Place Hotel

Located on the beach Carlito’s place is built like a Carribbean beach front village. Different style cabins and shacks are set on the beach, creating a unique character and a pleasant setting. Owned and managed by “Carlito” a native of the island who returned home after years at sea, the place has a lot of character. Enjoy the beach, the breeze, relax in a hammock and discover what life is all about! A total of 13 rooms are available. Enjoy the yoga classes or massages at the Karma Shack and live it up! .

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Elsa’s Place

Another one of the truly charming village type hotels on the beach. Small, cozy, friendly under the expert management of Elsa herself. Rooms are basic, beach is good, and food is great. Prices? They are within your reach! Enjoy Little Corn Island as Elsa’s Place. A small piece of true paradise! For reservations, call (505) 8617 0239

Grace’s Places

Little Corn Island Hotels
Caribbean flair at Grace’s Place. A really “Cool Spot”!

Built like a small ocean front village, Grace’s Place has a unique charm. Colorful wooden buildings with thatched roofs give it a true Caribbean sense of place. Informal, right on the beach, perfect to simply relax and enjoy.  A nice beachfront bar and restaurant offer the complement to make you feel truly in paradise. This is a rustic setting on a lovely beach. Relax and enjoy! For reservations call: (505) 8617 0239.[themify_hr color=”light-gray” width=”1px”]

North Shore Little Corn Island Hotels

Derecks Place

Little Corn Island Hotels
A true Robinson Crusoe spot on Little Corn Island

Derecks Place is a unique eco lodge right on the beach. Rooms are all over the ground on stilts and have a thatched roof that keeps them cool. Set in a mall “forest” of palm trees with a nice grass carpet and direct access to the beach, this is one of the nicer eco resorts on the island. Quiet, remote location, an onsite dive shop and a nice beach to enjoy. Could you ask for anything more? [themify_hr color=”light-gray” width=”1px”]


little corn island hotels
The Artsy beach front lodge in Little Corn Island

A funky resort designed around the natural setting of Little Corn Island, Ensuenos is just what it means in Spanish, a Dream come true. If there is one place on the island where you can get an authentic “Robinson Crusoe” feel, it is right here! Owners are very friendly and the whole setting is designed around nature and the lovely beach the resort is in. If you are looking for an “artsy” beach side lodging facility, this is a perfect match![themify_hr color=”light-gray” width=”1px”]

Farm Peace and Love

little corn island hotels
an organic farm offers lodging and fine dining in Little Corn Island

This is a small working farm that offers one of the most upscale restaurants in town and a couple of rooms in a bed and breakfast setting. You will love their “eco generator” run on wind and the great organic food served here. Paula is very friendly and a great host. She is an Italian citizen who has made Little Corn Island her home.  Peace and Love offers two cabins.

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Little Corn Island hotels
Room and deck at Yemaya, the premier resort on Little Corn Island

Without doubt the most deluxe property on the island. Built on a small bluff in Ala Point. The property overlooks at the Caribbean and the reef that surrounds the island. Freestanding  bungalows offer a view of the Caribbean from your bed. Rooms have a nice deck to enjoy the cool Caribbean tradewinds. This is one of the few hotels in the island with air conditioning and hot water. Really nice restaurant and lobby area with nice views. Without doubt the most exclusive resort on the island!

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