Solentiname Island Hotels

Solentiname Islands are still quite pristine and there are not many options to overnight. Following is our list of Hotels in Solentiname Island where you can find comfortable accommodations: Keep in mind that there are many islands in Solentiname, but only two have communities with hotels, these are Isla San Fernando and Isla Mancarron

Hotels in Solentiname / Isla San Fernando

Albergue Celentiname

Solentiname Hotels
View of Lake Nicaragua from Albergue Celentiname

Albuergue Celentiname is one of those places with character… Owned by Dona Maria Guevara, an ex Sandinista fighter, and a prolific artist, Dona Maria has retired in this lovely property and runs the Albergue Celentiname personally. During the day enjoy the different tours and activities available in Solentiname, and during the afternoon enjoy the spectacular sunsets while enjoying a “Cuba Libre” with Dona Maria as she tells you tales of her revolutionary days. Truly a unique experience. This is one of the unique hotels in Solentiname. Unfortunately, Dona Maria does not speak English, so your understanding of her tales depends on how well you speak Spanish. Isla San Fernando, Solentiname. Telephone: (505) 8893 1977. E-mail:  

Cabañas Paraiso

Solentiname Hotels
View of Solentiname Islands from Hotel Cabañas Paraiso, Solentiname

Cabanas Paraiso is probably the most popular of all hotels in Solentiname. Consisting of several independent bungalows and cabins, and with a spacious restaurant area with a fantastic view of other Solentiname Islands as well as Lake Nicaragua. IT is the largest hotel in Isla San Fernando. The owner is also a prolific artist. Nearby is the Solentiname Museum and a souvenir shop where you can buy local handicrafts, mostly made of balsa wood.

Isla San Fernando, Solentiname. Telephone: (505) 8894 7331 / 2278 3998. E-mail: [themify_hr color=”light-gray” width=”1px”]

Hotels in Solentiname / Isla Mancarron

The largest community in Solentiname is located on this island, and therefore, this is where you will find the largest selection of hotels in Solentiname.

Hostal El Buen Amigo

Isla Mancarron, Solentiname. Telephone: (505) 8869 6619

Hostal Los Pecesitos Castillo

Isla Mancarron, Solentiname. Telephone: (505) 8684 5710

Hostal Sueño Feliz

Isla Mancarron, Solentiname

Hotel Catalanica

Solentiname Hotels
Beautiful view from the mountaintop location of Hotel Catalanica

The largest free standing hotel in Isla Mancarron, this hotel is located on a bluff overlooking Lake Nicaragua. Rooms are pleasant, but don’t take advantage of the magnificent views available throughout the property. Getting from the dock to the facilities is a chore because there are many steps to get to the top of the hill. If you are looking for a serene, quiet Isla Mancarron

Telephone: (505) 8764 6804. E-mail: [themify_hr color=”light-gray” width=”1px”]

Hotel Mancarron

Hotels in Solentiname
The largest hotel in Solentiname has lovely well groomed gardens

This is probably the largest of all hotels in Solentiname. It even has some meeting facilities and has some great grounds, Unfortunately, it is not on the waterfront and does not really have good views, but the rooms are spacious. The hotel was originally built by Father Ernesto Cardenal, a legend in Nicaragua. This is probably the most popular of the hotels in Solentiname on Isla Mancarron.

Isla Mancarron, Solentiname. Telephone: (505) 8852 3380. E-mail: