San Juan de Nicaragua Hotels

Looking for your best option as far as San Juan de Nicaragua Hotels are concerned?

San Juan de Nicaragua has a limited number of hotels, however there is something for every budget. Following is a list of the different San Juan de Nicaragua hotels that we found there:

Rio Indio Lodge

San Juan de Nicaragua Hotels
Rio Indio Lodge, San Juan de Nicaragua

By far the most upscale of the San Juan de Nicaragua hotels. Rio Indio offers a swimming pool, a large spacious dining room and deluxe rooms. They specialize in fishing packages, as there is some excellent tarpon fishing in the Rivers around San Juan de Nicaragua. The lodge is somewhat isolated, and can be reached only by boat. It borders the Indio Maiz Reserve and you can see a lot of wildlife in the trails around the lodge. E-mail: Telephone: (505) 2231-4299 / 2220-3594 / 2220-3596. [themify_hr color=”light-gray” width=”1px”]

Hospedaje Como en Familia

Located in town, right on the river front, this is probably the best option for San Juan de Nicaragua hotels if you want to stay in town and not spend a fortune. The owners actually worked at the Rio Indio Lodge for many years before setting up their own business. Their specialty is taking people out to fish tarpon, and they also have one of the best restaurants in town. Doña Martha, the owner is very friendly and extremely helpful when it comes to information about what to do and where to go. Since they have their own boats, they can arrange anything from a fishing tour to a short tour of Greytown and a trip up the Indian River to see some wildlife.

They are also just 200 yards upriver from the Municipal Dock. They only have 5 or 6 rooms, and the nicest are the two right on the river front. Rooms all have a private bath and fan and are sparkling clean. No web page, but you can contact them by phone at (505) 8446 2096 and 8417 9442.

Hotelito Evo.

San Juan de Nicaragua Hotels
Hotelito Evo

Located in town, and one of the most basic of hotels in San Juan de Nicaragua. Rooms do have a private bath and fan. Not to clean, not too friendly. I found they had trouble with water. When I asked for a soap and towel they looked at me like I was being a pest. Got the towel, but not the soap… So I had to go out to the corner store and buy my own soap! If you stay here, bring your own! Prices are the same as at Hospedaje como en Familiar. Telephone (505) 2583 9019.[themify_hr color=”light-gray” width=”1px”]

Cabañas el Escondite

Find it on the outskirts of town, a couple of blocks from the military outpost.  El Escondite is a one of a kind, very quaint set of cabins. The owner, Edgar Coulson, nicknamed Rasta, travelled throughout the world working on ships, and is not only a wealth of knowledge, he is also really happy to share it with visitors. Furhtermore, he is fully bilingual. El Escondite has a total of 3 cabins, each with a private bathroom and two full size beds that can sleep up to four persons per cabin.

The Cabins also have a nice common garden in front where you can enjoy a variety of tropical flowers and plants. The price per cabin is $30 US. They do not have any web page or email address, but the phone number is (504) 8414 9761. Of all hotels in San Juan de Nicaragua, Cabañas El Escondite offers the most charming setting.

Hospedaje Anderson

Probably the most basic of all hotels in San Juan de Nicaragua. Hospedaje Anderson is downtown San Juan de Nicaragua and is a great option for backpackers on a budget. They are located in town, 2 blocks from the river front at 3ra Calle. Telephone: (505) 8339 0224.