Things to do in San Juan de Nicaragua

Looking for the most outstanding things to do in San Juan de Nicaragua?

There are many things to do in San Juan de Nicaragua. Some of these things to do in San Juan de Nicaragua are truly world class, such as fishing. Following is our list of the most unique things to do in San Juan de Nicaragua:

Go Fishing!

This is the most outstanding of all things to do in San Juan de Nicaragua and the main reason why most people come this way! Outstanding tarpon fishing is to be done it the San Juan and Indian Rivers! If you are staying at the Rio Indian Lodge. Arrange the fishing with them. If you are staying elsewhere your the best option is with the folks at Hospedaje Familiar.

Visit the Ruins of Greytown.

Certainly one of the most interesting and educating on the list of things to do in San Juan de Nicaragua! Greytown was bombarded and burnt to the ground way to many times. There is not much left of it, other than its dead! The cemetery offers a unique, if somewhat sad story of the historic events that have taken place here.

The local Miskito Indians, the Spanish conquistadors, the British and Dutch buccaneers, the Americans, including powerful magnate Cornelius Vanderbilt and filibuster William Walker also played a roll in the development of this unique, once time prosperous city. Finally, it was also the site if fierce battles during the Sandista Revolution in the 1980,s. Most of the story can be found at the four cemeteries located adjacent to the airport. Here you can follow a path, and walk the steps of natives, soldiers and adventurers, who played a role in forging the modern day Nicaragua.

Things to do in San Juan de Nicaragua
Tourists exploring the Old Greytown Cementeries

The old Greytown is about 10 minutes away from San Juan del Norte via a boat ride. Since you will have to hire a boat, make sure they also offer you the service as a guide to show you around. Another option, for the more adventurous, is to rent some kayaks and paddle yourself to the location. Again, a good idea to have a guide to show you where you are going, The folks at Hospedaje Anderson have some kayaks available for rent as part of their services. Take note that there is a military outpost next to the airport. Taking photos of it is strictly it is forbidden! If you do, they may confiscate your camera or memory card and you will lose your pictures, so be careful![themify_hr color=”light-gray” width=”1px”]

Take a boat ride up the Indian River.

Things to do in San Juan de Nicaragua
Boat Trip on the Indian River, passing by the historic 100 year old dredge.

If you are into nature, and looking to make the best of enjoying it during your trip to this part of Nicaragua, then exploring the Indian River should be number one on your list of things to do in San Juan de Nicaragua. The area along the river is quite pristine. Sighting macaws, alligators, monkeys, lots of birds are common! Heck, if you are lucky, you might ever sight a manatee! Ask around town for a good guide! “Fish” a Rama Indian, is fully bilingual and extremely friendly and professional. He is without doubt one of the best you can find. Another good option the owner of  Cabañas El Escondite, Edgar Coulson.[themify_hr color=”light-gray” width=”1px”]

Visit the Rama Indian Community at Cantagallo.

things to do in Greytown
Rama Communities along the Indian River

Interested in learning more about the native Rama people? One of the most interesting things to do in San Juan de Nicaragua is a trip to one of the remote villages, deep into the Indio Maiz reserve. This trip requires at least one night out in the forest. Although with limited facilities, you can stay at the community owned lodge at Maquenque, where you will be able to share with the local Rama community. Remember that they are English speaking, so it is easy to communicate with them! If you are up to it, I suggest spending two nights out here, one to get there, another to visit Cantagallo and explore some lagoons where you will find the magnificent Caribbean Manatee.

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