Matagalpa Restaurants

Matagalpa Restaurants

There are many different Matagalpa Restaurants, and you will surely find the perfect restaurant for your budget and taste. Following is a list of the most important Matagalpa restaurants:

Toro Bravo Restaurant

Matagalpa Restaurants
Best steakhouse in town!

The best of steakhouse restaurants in Matagalpa. Located next to the Matagalpa River, this establishment has a pleasant setting with two stories, with a nice terrace looking out over the river. Pleasant, impeccable decoration and outstanding service. A great selection of beef cuts, cooked to perfection. A must if you enjoy a good steak. E-mail: [email protected] Telephone: (505) 2772 3240.

El Balcon

matagalpa restaurants
El Balcon Restaurant

Probably your best option for a great affordable lunch in a pleasant relaxed atmosphere! Located on the main street in Matagalpa, on a second floor with a nice terrace looking out over the street. An international menu with variety up options plus a special, very affordable “executive lunch” menu that is worth less that $3 US per person including a drink!  Open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner from 8:00 a.m. till 11:00 p.m. El Balcon is truly one of the best restaurants in Matagalpa. Full international bar. E-mail: [email protected] Telephone: (505) 2772 3601.


Matagalpa Restaurants
One of the best restaurants in Matagalpa

One of the fancier restaurants in Matagalpa. Offers a complete international menu and a nice wine list. Their specialties are delicious steaks. Nice second floor terrace with a view of the city. Open daily from 10:00 a.m. till 10:00 p.m. Half a block from Parque Dario. E-mail: [email protected] Telephone: (505) 2772 5447.


Gallo Pinto

Matagalpa Restaurants
Gallo Pinto is a nice typical Nica restaurant

One of the best typical Nica style restaurants in Matagalpa with a pleasant setting looking out towards the city. Located two blocks from the Dario Park. Open daily from 11:00 a.m. till 11:00 p.m. Their specialty is Caballo Bayo and the Metro Parrilladas. Very reasonable prices. Telephone (505) 2772 0577.

 Meson Italiano

A small Italian restaurant featuring pizza, calzone and pastas. Open daily for lunch and dinner, weekdays from noon till 9:00 p.m. and weekends from 11:30 a.m.  till 10:00 p.m. Located 1 ½ blocks from the Dario Park. They offer beer and wine, as well as bottled softdrinks. If you are looking for Italian restaurants in Matagalpa, this is probably your best option!E-mail: [email protected].

Buffet Oasis.

One of the best buffet options if you are looking for buffet style restaurants in Matagalpa. Open for lunch and dinner, closed on Sundays. 1 ½ blocks from Dario Park. Telephone (505) 2272 3833.

Restaurante La Pradera

Matagalpa Restaurants
La Pradera offers a nice selection of buffet food

On the main road leading from Matagalpa to Sebaco, at the La Pradera B&B hotel. An extensive menu, air conditioned facilities with private rooms for meetings. Open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They also have a branch on the road towards La Dalia. E-mail: [email protected]. One of the most popular restaurants in Matagalpa, many travelers stop here for their lunch break en route to their destinations.

Tip Top

The most popular Nica franchise, specializing in fried chicken. Open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Located right on the main road from Matagalpa towards Sebaco and Managua. There are no other fast food restaurants in Matagalpa!


Matagalpa Restaurants
Great downtown location

Located just off Central Park in Matagalpa. A strange combination of a family restaurant with a kids playground plus a full service bar setting… To me the place can not figure out if is a Nica restaurant or an American style restaurant bar. Open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Full international bar. Without doubt the strangest of restaurants in Matagalpa.


Seleccion Nicaraguense

Matagalpa Restaurants
Best spot for coffee in Matagalpa

A very classy Café Bar, offering a fine selection of the best of Nicaraguan Coffee, rum and tobacco! Offers a lounge style setting, plus an open air streetside terrace and an interior coffee shop. Great pastries, free wifi and very pleasant atmosphere. Although it might be a bit on the upside, I found it to be the nicest of the Café Bars in town. Located half a block from the Cathedral. Open daily from 8:00 a.m. till 9:30 p.m. Great, friendly service! Certainly in the top echalon of cafeteria style restaurants in Matagalpa!


Café Barista

Matagalpa Restaurants
Great spot for a good breakfast and coffee

Don’t get confused, there are several different establishments with the same name, but different owners. It’s kind of a franchise deal… This one is located on the side of the Cathedral. Café Barista is open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Great coffee, informal setting, and a great meeting point. E-mail: [email protected]. This is probably your best option for breakfast amongst all the restaurants in Matagalpa.

Barista Café Nica.

Matagalpa Restaurants
Another good spot for coffee, downtown Matagalpa

Located on the main street between Central Park and the Dario Park, across the street from the Matagalpa Supermarket. More of a cafeteria, featuring a nice menu with sandwiches, pastries and cookies. Great coffee. Open daily from 7:00 a.m. till 11:00 p.m. E-mail: [email protected] If you are looking for a good cup of coffee and an outstanding sandwich, this is your best bet of all restaurants in Matagalpa!

Artesanos Café

Matagalpa Night Life
A nice restaurant during the day and a great bar after dark!

Interesting combination of places. Operates as a café / restaurant from 7:00 a.m. till 4:00 p.m., then as a bar after 4:00 p.m. till late. Great breakfast, fresh fruit smoothies, sandwiches and salads. In the evening it becomes the most popular bar in town! Located half a block east of Banpro. If you are looking for a good cup of coffee and an outstanding sandwich, this is your best bet of all restaurants in Matagalpa! E-mail: [email protected] Telephone: (505) 2772 2444.

Casa Abya Yala

Matagalpa Restaurants
Matagalpa’s Cultural Cafe

A cultural café, featuring music, exhibits, a mini library and some good food. They specialize in salads, veggie plates and sandwiches. Open daily except Tuesdays for breakfast, lunch and dinner from 7:00 a.m. till 10:00 p.m. (On Sundays they open at 8:00 a.m.) If you are a vegetarian or are looking for a good salad, this is one of the best options within the restaurants in Matagalpa.  E-mail: [email protected] Telephone: (505) 2272 7324.

Restaurante El Mexicano

Matagalpa Restaurants
Matagalpa’s Mexican Restaurant

Located almost across the street from the Hostal Buena Onda.  Basic Mexican food, such as tacos, nachos, fajitas and salads at extremely affordable prices. All dishes are worth less that $3.00 US dollars! No alcoholic beverages sold, but offer great natural drinks, such as flor de Jamaica, horchata, etc. Unquestionably one of the cheapest restaurants in Matagalpa!

Restaurante Pescamar

Probably the best of seafood restaurants in Matagalpa.

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