Diving in Nicaragua

Did you Know that Diving in Nicaragua is Outstanding?

When you think about diving in Nicaragua, you usually relate to the Caribbean islands of Nicaragua: Corn Island and Little Corn Island. It is true that diving in the Corn Islands of Nicaragua is outstanding. But you will be pleased to learn about other options for diving in Nicaragua.

little corn island
There is great diving at Little Corn Island

Nicaragua is blessed with many different lakes, including a large number of crater lakes. Such as the Laguna de Apoyo and the Laguna de Xiloe. The first very close to Granada, the second on the outskirts of Managua. Diving in crater lakes offers a completely different experience than diving in the Caribbean reefs of the Corn Islands. Crater lakes are lakes that have formed in volcanic craters, and offer a unique ecosystem that usually has endemic species living within its waters. Such is the case in both Laguna de Apoyo and Laguna de Xiloe in Nicaragua. In addition, diving in these crater lakes gives you access to caves and views of the volcanic vents.

The Xiloe crater lake offers a total of 18 different species living within its waters. With a maximum depth of 89 meters, the waters are clear, although the use of underwater flash lights is used to help improve visibility in the deep and dark waters within its realms.

diving in Nicaragua
The Apoyo Lagoon Crater Lake offers outstanding diving conditions!

The crater at the Laguna de Apoyo still has vents where sulfur gases escape into the lake, and actually keeps the water in the lagoon at a very pleasant temperature! With a depth of over 200 meters, this lagoon has a variety of endemic species that are native to this lake! The clear waters offer good visibility to a depth of about 40 meters without the aid of a flashlight.[themify_hr color=”light-gray” width=”1px”]

Pacific Coast Diving in Nicaragua

diving in Nicaragua
The Clear waters at San Juan del Sur offer ideal diving conditions in the Pacific Coast of Nicaragua

Another interesting area to do diving in Nicaragua is along the Pacific coast.  Dive Nicaragua, the only PADI certified operation based on continental Nicaragua. They offer diving to several different sites on the Pacific coast of Nicaragua. They use San Juan del Sur as their hub. Although the diving experience on the Pacific Ocean is not as colorful as it is in the Caribbean, if you time your dive correctly, you will be able to have a wonderful experience.[themify_hr color=”light-gray” width=”1px”]

If you want to take a course and get certified as a diver, contact Dive Nicaragua. They offer PADI diving certification courses which can be arrange in Managua and San Juan del Sur.

As you can see, there are actually several different options to do diving in Nicaragua, and they all provide for a rich, different experience that will prove to be a highlight of your visit to Nicaragua.