Bluefields, the Largest City on the Caribbean Coast!

Early morning view of the Bay of Bluefields

Bluefields is the largest community on the Caribbean in Nicaragua. It is a very colourful city with lots of personality. Bluefields is not a popular tourist destination. However, many travellers come this way on their way to the Corn Islands. As a matter of fact, the flight from Managua to Corn Island usually makes a stop here, and many tourists take the plane from here get to the islands. The city is the capital of the RAAS Region Autonoma de Atlantico Sur, and is home to the Rama Indians, the Miskito Indians and to Creoles that live here in perfect harmony. This is also where the Gobierno Autonomo Rama Creole has its headquarters. This is an elected group of representatives that look out for the interests of the Rama and Creole community, who own the land south of Bluefields and all the way to Greytown, AKA San Juan de Nicaragua.

Getting to Bluefields

The boat terminal in Bluefields. Boats to El Rama arrive and depart from here!

Unfortunately, it is really hard to get to. There are no paved roads from the rest of the country to Bluefields, heck; there are no dirt roads either! To get to Bluefields you must either fly from Managua, which is quite easy, with three daily flights operating between both cities or you must take the highway between Managua and El Rama, where you can take a fast boat down the Rio Escondido to Bluefields. The flight takes only 45 minutes, the other option is quite a bit longer, with approximately a 6 hour bus ride from Managua to El Rama and then another 2 ½ hours boat ride to Bluefields. The truth is that if you have the time, it is well worth taking the boat ride in at least one direction.

The city is next to a large, shallow bay, which does not offer a good harbour to ships. However, El Bluff is a good port facility on the Caribbean side of the bay.

A Few Intersting Facts About Bluefields

Traditional Bluefields Architecture

A small island, known as Rama Cay lies in the center of the bay.  It is home to the largest community of Rama Indians in the World. The Cay, or rather, cays, because they are two cayes united by a land fill, are home to about 1500 Rama Indians. Rama Cay is an interesting site to visit, however, there are not many alternatives to overnight or to eat.

The Ramas, Miskitos and Creoles all use English as their first language. You will therefore find that communicating with them all is very simple if you are English speaking![themify_hr color=”light-gray” width=”1px”]

An interesting fact to mention is the fact that the Moravian Church has a strong presence in Bluefields. This is due to the fact that the area was evangelized by this Chuch over a century ago. One of the interesting buildings in town is precisely the Moravian Church in Bluefields.

Bluefields has a variety of hotels and restaurants to provide services to the travelers that visit the city. It is also a friendly and safe city. It is without doubt, the largest Nicaraguan city on the Caribbean Coast.

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