Hotels at Apoyo Crater Lake

The Apoyo Lagoon offers a unique opportunity to relax and enjoy nature. The lake, which is thermally ventilated, keeps a very pleasant temperature year round. This makes it ideal for swimming, diving, and watersports. These, however are limited to those that do not require an engine, since the lake has been declared a protected area and motors are not allowed. It is perfect for sailing and paddling, as well as for lake diving.

A Variety of Hotels at Apoyo Crater Lake

There are several hotels at Apoyo Crater Lake where you can spend the night, and these options go from basic hostels to deluxe condominiums. So whatever your budget, you will find the perfect spot to relax.

The Villas at Apoyo


hotels at apoyo crater lake
The largest hotel at Apoyo Lagoon offers great rooms, a nice pool and restaurant bar.

By far the nicest and most complete resort type property at Apoyo. Apartments, as well as one, two and three bedrooms villas are available as options. A lovely infinity pool, the best restaurant in the area and really nice gardens are to be found here. Howler monkeys are usually right around the property, so you might even have the chance to see some of these noisy fellows! In total there are 40 private villas or apartments in the complex. Telephone: (505) 2552 8200.[themify_hr color=”light-gray” width=”1px”]

Posada Ecologica La Abuela


hotels at apoyo crater lake
La Posada Ecologica La Abuela is a nice “Nica” style hotel at Apoyo Lagoon

A nice, very ‘Nica style’ family hotel with cabins, rooms and a large house. Great views of the lake, restaurant right on the waterfront with a nice deck from where to fish or jump into the lake. Activities include kayaks, fishing and a nice eco friendly trail around the property. A great option to spend the night or just part of the day enjoying this little piece of paradise. E-mail: Telephone: (505) 8880 0368.[themify_hr color=”light-gray” width=”1px”]

San Simian Eco Lodge


hotels at apoyo crater lake
A beautiful eco lodge on the Shores of Apoyo Crater Lake

A lovely, secluded, very private site, with a total of five rustic bungalows, each with a private bath and ceiling fans. Located in a large property surrounded by the tropical dry forests of the National Park, you will hear the howler monkeys calling their mates. Swiss owned, which means that besides English and Spanish, German is also spoken. Nice restaurant and bar setting. Day passes are available. E-mail: Telephone: (505) 8850 8101.[themify_hr color=”light-gray” width=”1px”]

La Orquidea Guesthouse

hotels at apoyo crater lake
La Orquidea Guest House, a Boutique guest house at Apoyo Lagoon

A lovely private home that can be rented as a whole or just a room. Lovely lake front location and unique southwest style architecture. Nice rooms with private bath. Fully furnished kitchen living room and dining E-mail: Telephone: (505) 8872 1866. [themify_hr color=”light-gray” width=”1px”]

The Monkey Hut


hotels at apoyo crater lake
One of the best budget properties at Apoyo Crater Lake is right on the water!

A nice, informal hostel right on the lake. Dorm rooms, a cabin and some private rooms, but all with shared bath. Access to kitchen and also an operating restaurant featuring Easy to get to by taking the daily shuttle from the Bearded Monkey Hostel in Granada. A day pass is available for only $6.00 per person, which gives you access to all the facilities at the hostel! E-mail: Telephone: (505) 8366 9986.[themify_hr color=”light-gray” width=”1px”]

Paradiso Hostel


hotels at apoyo crater lake
The best hostel in Apoyo Crater Lake: Paradiso Hostel

A pleasant hostel located right on the banks of Apoyo Lake. Daily shuttle service from Granada departing at 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. from the Oasis Hostel. Dorm rooms, great access to the lake and watersports facilities. Day pass available for a reasonable price. E-mail:

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Selva Azul Hotel

hotels at apoyo crater lake
A great location right on the lake!

A very large lakeside home that has been converted into a hotel, offering a total of 6 rooms, each with their own unique décor theme, private bath and most of them with air conditioning. Rates vary between $40 and $70 US including breakfast. The hotel is tied in with a diving operation that offers everything from diving courses to lake dives. No restaurant, but a pleasant, lakeside bar Nice pool with lake view! E-mail: Telephone: (505) 8631 1890