Surfing in Nicaragua

Surfing in Nicaragua is World Class!

Surfing in Nicaragua has become a major attraction for visiting tourists. Its privileged location on the Pacific coast and the proximity of Lake Nicaragua to the Pacific Coast, has a major effect on the quality of waves for surfing. The offshore winds that are spawned by Lake Nicaragua combine with the surf coming in from the Pacific. This creates large barrel waves that break slowly and create world class surfing waves. In addition, a variety of very affordable surf lodges and hostels along several villages in the Pacific coast make of Nicaragua the most affordable surfing destination in the World.

surfing in Nicaragua
Waiting for the perfect wave at San Juan del Sur

The quality of surfing in Nicaragua is such that the World Masters Surf Championship took place there last year. Master surfers from around the world joined on the beaches of Tola. The mission: to challenge the surf and see who was best at it. The event was a total success, with President Daniel Ortega and Minister of Tourism Mario Salinas being present at the inaugural event and sending a clear message that Nicaragua is ready for Tourism and that the government means business when it talks about the potential for tourism in Nicaragua.[themify_hr color=”light-gray” width=”1px”]

Best Surfing Locations in Nicaragua

surfing in Nicaragua
Surf board rental at beach bar in Playa el Gigante, Tola

The most popular spot for surfing in Nicaragua is probably San Juan del Sur. Here you will find a variety of different lodges and facilities that cater to the surfing market. San Juan del Sur offers a nice combination of good surfing plus an outstanding all around destination with good hotels and restaurants as well as some of the best nightlife on the entire coast in Nicaragua.[themify_hr color=”light-gray” width=”1px”]

surfing in nicaragua
The perfect beach bar awaiting for the surfers at the end of the day. Playa El Gigante, Tola

In addition, the beaches of Tola are also fantastic, and considered by many as the best in Nicaragua for surfers. Here the small fishing village at Playa El Gigante has turned into a full fledged surfing village. You you can stay cheaply in a hammock and have an informal lunch on the beach. Best of all are the ice cold beers at funky bars right on the beach. It is no longer a secret, some of the best surfing in the World at very affordable prices is right here, in Nicaragua!